Psychedelic Drug Redux: Don’t Leap-frog the Research

“During recent months and years, there have been calls in the media (and to some degree in the professional literature) for the use of various psychedelic agents for psychotherapeutic purposes.”

These have been proposed to be useful for various disorders, including post-traumatic stress disorder, addiction, depression, and various types of personality disorders. We are now seeing increasing calls for using (or at least studying) these drugs from people within the medical profession and outside the medical profession, in the general public of informed observers of literature on this topic. I am calling for more serious, prudent, thoughtful, and informed opinions to be expressed on this topic before it catches on in the lay public and the medical community does not pay sufficient attention and respond to them accordingly.

Original Article (Medscape):
Psychedelic Drug Redux: Don’t Leap Frog the Research
Artwork Fair Use: Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention

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