DEA marijuana scheduling lawsuit… to Supreme Court

…placing marijuana in Schedule II would mean that the industry would have to be medicalized in a way that would end state-regulated dispensaries. Instead, he suggested, cannabis products would have to be Food and Drug Administration-approved, and only pharmacists could prescribe it, limiting access.

“As reflected in prior correspondence to this Court, reclassification of cannabis under Schedule II would actually exacerbate the conditions afflicting our clients; would instantly throw thousands of cannabis businesses out of business; and would disrupt the lives of tens of thousands, if not millions, of Americans who rely upon cannabis daily to sustain their health, wellness, and lives,” Michael Hiller, who is representing the plaintiffs, [a coalition of medical cannabis patients and activists, including Alexis Bortell and former NFL player Marvin Washington], wrote in January. “We always knew we’d end up at the Supreme Court, irrespective of who won in the lower courts, because we are seeking to change the law,” [he said]. “Whenever you seek to change federal law, you are likely to end up at the Supreme Court… to win a declaration that the classification of cannabis is unconstitutional (because it is), thereby rendering the CSA (Controlled Substances Act) unenforceable…”

Original Article (Marijuana Moment):
DEA marijuana scheduling lawsuit will be appealed to Supreme Court following dismissal
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