Can psychedelics treat physical pain?

…suffering from chronic Lyme disease, I tried all kinds of treatments… psychedelics can… increase awareness of what’s happening inside someone’s body. 

After my first iboga ceremony with a shaman in Mexico, I was shocked that not only did my Lyme symptoms completely lift, but the pain that I’d been feeling in my knees after falling on them a month prior was also gone. The Lyme-related issues returned after a few weeks, but the more I did iboga—six times total over the course of that year—the more and more lasting the effects were, and the better my knees got as well. It’s not just iboga that can heal physical ailments…. ayahuasca retreats in the Netherlands… worked with multiple people who saw relief from physical complaints… believes such transformations are possible because ayahuasca and other psychedelics heal the emotions, which are connected to the body.

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Can psychedelics treat physical pain?
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