Getting off opioids and other drugs with Nature’s remedies

Plant-based treatments are becoming more widely recognized and eco-friendly, and plant-based addiction treatments are helping to save lives.

One of the many reasons that people use alcohol or drugs is as a means of self-medicating. They are treating a trauma or an undiagnosed mental illness by altering their mind state with legal and illegal chemicals. Some Americans have begun to look toward other cultures and religious practices for relief from what plagues their brain … [Most] rehabilitation centers tend to be advocates of the use of medications during the detoxification process. If those medications are prescribed and go unused, they are thrown away as waste and may find their way into our water systems, possibly showing up in our drinking water.

Original Article (The Environmental Magazine):
Getting Off Opioids and Other Drugs With Nature’s Remedies
Artwork Fair Use: David Geitgey Sierralupe

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