A new era of psychedelic policy?

…access to mental healthcare in the United States remains within the treatment-for-sale model. This means that, without efforts to build in mechanisms for equitable access, psychedelic psychotherapy will remain out of reach for many, including marginalized populations that are already less likely to be able to afford and access effective mental healthcare.

This is particularly harmful because PTSD in marginalized populations is often under-reported and under-diagnosed; failing to acknowledge and respond to this problem will end up contributing to the present treatment gap rather than solving it. This problem is bigger than psychedelic therapy, but we cannot confront this tension without linking it to a larger conversation about the structural, racial, and economic factors that impact access to healthcare generally … Resilient movement toward a shared goal through mechanisms of strategic progress—as I believe we are beginning to see on many fronts—can help us create systems of access with integrity that are informed by principles of compassion, reciprocity, and love.

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A New Era of Psychedelic Policy?
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