…capitalism and the collective unconscious…

I can totally see somebody in Silicon Valley doing ayahuasca in order to come up with the next algorithm that’s going to make them a billionaire.

But there’s something that feels concerning to me about this nonspecific amplifier conversation… about the co-opting of psychedelics by capitalism. So, if psychedelics are non-specific amplifiers, I’m concerned that people can use them to amplify capitalism… and maintain the status quo. In the sustainability world, people were wanting to jump ship from “sustainability” to “resilience.” Resiliency isn’t inherently a good thing, unless you have a good thing and add resiliency to it. If you’re talking about the resilience of an invasive species that will kill out all other native species, that’s not a good thing. [Micro-dosing to increase “productivity” can also be utilized for ends misaligned with the values of sustainability and equity].

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Ecopsychedelics, capitalism and the collective unconscious
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