Colorado [and Oregon] might consider decriminalizing shrooms

…echo[es] data from the 2017 Global Drug Survey, which found that mushrooms were by far the “safest” drug, accounting for the fewest number of hospital visits throughout the year (only 17 people total). People who take mushrooms tend to take less of them than other drugs and tend to be better prepared than those who would take LSD or other recreational drugs.

The group Denver for Psilocybin is currently lobbying for the chance to gather signatures to put magic mushrooms on the ballot in the fall, Denver7 ABC News reports. The group met with city leaders on Wednesday about the possibility of decriminalizing the hallucinatory drug, which is currently listed as a Schedule I drug, citing its potential medical and therapeutical uses. Although the group is only advocating for decriminalization for now—which would not make mushrooms legal for recreational use and would instead merely reduce the penalty for possession of the mushrooms in question—it could be the first step to legalization. After all, Colorado and most other states that now allow marijuana use decriminalized the drug first before going all-out on the legal books.

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Colorado [and Oregon] Might Consider Decriminalizing Shrooms
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