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Oregon has the opportunity to serve as a model for the country in treating drug use for what it is—a public health issue. Similar legislation would allow Oregon to adopt proven, evidence-based, and data driven approaches to best help drug users, their families, and the community.

An emergency room physician in Maryland, USA, Dan Morhaim, MD [who supported the bills] said he will continue practicing medicine after leaving office. “I’m committed to social and policy change,” Morhaim said. “It’s been 24 years of doing that in the House of Delegates. There are lots of ways to do that in addition to being a state legislator.” 

[H.B. 488 : Drug Use and Possession Penalty Changes], [H.B. 515 : Substance Use Treatment at Need in ERs and Hospitals], and [H.B. 519 : Safe Consumption Programs].

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Magic mushrooms… entourage effect 
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Artwork Fair Use: Darwinek

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