Government-approved study of MDMA for PTSD accepting applications for participants soon

In the past, the Department of Veterans Affairs has not supported the MDMA studies or other research surrounding the use of marijuana to treat PTSD; but Burge says his organization sees veterans as a key demographic for the study and treatment. He said if the drug trials are successful; the ability to treat and cure PTSD could save the government billions over time.

“Just look at PTSD veteran disability payments; they’re huge, and the cost savings for taking people off of their prescription opiates through just a few administrations of MDMA could save the VA and Defense Department billions of dollars.” Two-thirds of the 107 patients who took part in the Phase 2 trials, which started in 2000, no longer met the criteria of having PTSD a year after their MDMA treatment was completed, officials running the study said.

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Government-Approved Study of MDMA for PTSD Accepting Applications for Participants Soon
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