WHO Panel finds insufficient evidence to review kratom

An advisory committee of the World Health Organization (WHO) has concluded there is insufficient evidence to recommend a “critical review” of kratom, which potentially could have lead to international controls on the herbal supplement used by millions to treat pain and other medical conditions. “It is a great victory for kratom consumers, for science and…


World Health Organization Expert Committee on Drug Dependence [ECDD] recommends against critical review

“The Committee concluded that there is insufficient evidence to recommend a critical review of kratom.” While the decision was based on a scientific review of the risk of dependence, abuse potential and therapeutic applications of kratom, advocates also touted the fact that about 80,000 people submitted comments to the panel, sharing their perspectives and experiences…


Psilocybin study enrolls clinicians with… blues

This is the first study of the therapy’s potential benefit with clinicians, and the University of Washington School of Medicine is the sole trial site. Dr. Anthony Back, the trial’s lead investigator. suggested that psilocybin uniquely enables psychological exploration. “It makes your brain more plastic and your beliefs and desires less rigid. It can allow…


Now psychedelics are coming to your medicine cabinet

Adding psychedelics to mainstream drugs may seem a bit “out there,” but in fact it’s on trend… Synthetic versions of psychedelic substances are easier to manufacture uniformly according to industry standards, but they may not work as well as natural versions. “We believe there’s a big difference between biological and synthetic molecules, especially in how…


Could magic mushrooms be the next marijuana?

Hudson Valley Psychedelic Society (HVPS) was founded in January 2021… “We wanted to provide local advocacy, education and community support to foster the safe, equitable integration of psychedelics into our region,” Grauer said. “We want to make sure it’s decriminalized, regulated and legalized, and we also want to make sure everyone is as safe as…


Psychedelics: the newest tool in nuclear negotiations?

…that’s just what Rick Doblin and Carol Rosin say they did – and they still believe introducing psychedelics into nuclear negotiations can produce positive results. Reached for comment about the impact of Doblin and Rosin’s covert action, author Michael Pollan said: “I think it’s highly unlikely Rick’s gift reached its intended recipient – surely someone…