Are we not doing it the right way with Measure 109, the 2020 initiative that made psilocybin legal in controlled, therapeutic settings and if you could change Oregon’s psilocybin program, what would you do?

There are going to be huge headlines about how now you can legally access psilocybin. But there will be an asterisk, or fine print, saying that it has to be at a regulated, licensed service center and it will cost $2,000 or $3,000. Decriminalization would come first and foremost, making sure that no additional people were prosecuted for using these safe and effective medicines. I would decriminalize cultivation, making sure that it’s OK for anybody to grow their own medicine, the same way we can with cannabis.

Original Article (Willamette Week):
A psilocybin advocate considers the lessons from portland’s shroom house
Artwork Fair Use: Terry Fennell/BLM Oregon