Without it… they become grumpy and unfocused. “Those who get between me and coffee don’t live long enough to tell about it,” admits Genelle. Violent statements like these are commonly associated with “caffeineheads”—though more research may be needed to confirm a causal relationship with homicidal behavior.

It’s not just bohemians who are impacted by this drug. Caffeine is being abused by people in every field and every walk of life. It is even thought to be a staple among medical professionals, who use it to stay alert during long shifts. Skyrocketing rates of coffee addiction across America mean that this can rightly be termed an epidemic. Something is broken in our society when millions feel the need to self-medicate in this way … Caffeine can also be ingested in a number of forms besides coffee—many of which are disturbingly marketed to young people, whose developing brains are easily hijacked by the drug. It is present in a variety of sodas, “energy drinks,” pills and even some candies. It has also been showing up in chocolate—a popular treat among children. Some kids will pass caffeine-laced cakes or candies to their entire class as a means of commemorating special occasions, like birthdays. Teachers and parents might view occasional caffeine consumption during childhood as “normal,” but childhood caffeine exposure can lead to habitual abuse later in life.

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