Psychedelic studied as treatment from alcoholism

“Dr. Michael Bogenschutz, a psychiatrist at UNM School of Medicine, said he is studying the use of psilocybin — the active psychedelic compound in many species of hallucinogenic mushrooms — for the treatment of alcohol abuse and addiction”. The study of this use of psilocybin is still in its early stages, but Bogenschutz said that…

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Insights into Inner-Space: An Interview with Professor of Psychiatry, Dr. Rick Strassman

“Psychedelic centers ought to be established, where the full spectrum of the human scientific, religious, creative, artistic endeavor can be brought to bear on the psychedelic experience–where treatment, growth, aesthetic, heuristic studies can all occur under one roof.” And, as Dr. Strassman concluded in our interview, beyond replicating past experiments. Noted expert and pioneer of…