Judge dismisses Cannabis Church’s case defending weed as religious sacrament

In response, Bill Levin, who founded the church in 2015, said: “Cannabis is safer than Curtis Hill.”  Levin also said he plans to appeal. In her order dismissing the case, judge Sheryl Lynch did not address the defense’s contention that the church’s members are insincere about practicing a religion. 

Marion County [Indiana, USA] Superior Court Jude Sheryl Lynch rejected the church’s case that marijuana smoking should be protected as a religious sacrament under Indiana’s Religious of Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA).  Lynch wrote in her opinion that the state has a “compelling interest” to regulate marijuana and therefore marijuana is not protected under the RFRA. Vice President Pence passed the RFRA in 2015 while he was governor of Indiana. It was intended to protect religious individuals from unnecessary government interference. Attorney General Curtis Hill (R) applauded the ruling… “I appreciate the court’s fidelity to both the law and to common sense,” Hill said in a statement. “Indiana’s laws against the possession, sale and use of marijuana protect the health, safety and well-being of Hoosiers statewide. When the state has justifiable and compelling interests at stake, no one can evade the law simply by describing their illegal conduct as an exercise of religious faith.”  

Original Article (The Hill and UPI):
Judge dismisses Cannabis Church’s case defending weed as religious sacrament
religious & Cannabis Church Can’t Smoke Marijuana
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