Cannabis prohibition is unconstitutional, irrational, unscientific

Cannabis prohibition is, and always has been, unconstitutional as well as irrational and unscientific. Alcohol prohibition only covered commercial activities, citizens’ rights to produce, possess and consume alcohol on private property were not included, and that prohibition required a constitutional amendment.

There are more than sufficient laws and regulations to deal with commercial cannabis activity in the same manner as other products, substances and endeavors. Commercial activity involving cannabis does not need special legislation, taxes or other restrictions. The frameworks for dealing with those concerns already exist. For medical use, the same requirements as for prescription pharmaceutical compounds can be applied. For “recreational” use, the same requirements and limitations as for alcohol can be applied – even though one is a deadly substance and the other is a beneficial plant used safely by humans for thousands of years … Complete and total restoration of citizens’ rights to cultivate, possess and consume beneficial plants on private property is what I have always advocated

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Cannabis prohibition is unconstitutional, irrational, unscientific
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