Healing with psychedelics

…many intelligent people who used psychedelics repeatedly in their youth did so in a party setting and have never experienced the psychological and spiritual benefits that emerge in an intentional session. The difference is dramatic.

Research at major medical centers over the past few years have shown remarkable results in the treatment of conditions such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and anxiety. The same protocols used in these research settings can [potentially] be done at home or with an independent practitioner and frequently lead to new insights and dramatic breakthroughs in mental health. To be clear, psychedelics are very powerful medicines and they have risks. Like almost everything that gets ingested in our society, they can be misused and are very misunderstood … We can’t recommend that anyone use psychedelics and we urge you to be extremely careful about the dose and quality of the substance, setting of use, the age of the individual and their mental state, and potential supplement and drug interactions. Prohibition of these substances in many locations has made it more difficult to create a safe environment, but doing so is essential.

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How to use psychedelics
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