Be honest, is your psychedelic use purely “sacred”?

Are you ready to really, fully come out about your psychedelics use?

…isn’t it just as valid and meaningful for psychedelics to be used for diversion, entertainment, relaxation, and adventure? Do psychedelics always have to be sacred? If you’re going to come out about your psychedelics use, I beg you – I implore you: don’t leave that side of the experience by the wayside because it’s less popular or harder to defend. People using psychedelics outside of specifically healing contexts – especially at festivals, concerts and clubs – have a whole different set of needs than those using them medically or therapeutically. And in many ways those needs are the same as those for any drug, be it legal or illegal: they need to be aware what exactly they’re taking and how much, they need to know what the effects may be and how to reduce any possible harms and maximize the benefits. They need to be conscious of how their choices may affect those around them. And they need to regularly self-assess to see if their use has tipped over from recreational into problematic.

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Be Honest, is your Psychedelic Use Purely “Sacred”?
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