Banning home-grown pot plants would be paternalistic, unenforceable: task force chair

Expanding on that remark later outside the committee, [former federal justice minister] Anne Lellan said banning home cultivation would amount to “the state saying, ‘Oh, we’ve legalized this but, by the way, we don’t trust you to grow any of it yourself.’ “It is paternalistic, it is unenforceable,” she added, noting that a lot of Canadians already grow a plant or two at home.

Senators have heard concerns about children getting access to home-grown pot and plants draining power and water in multiple-unit dwellings, triggering complaints about mould and smell. But Dr. Mark Ware, medical cannabis researcher and vice-chair of the legalization task force, said there are already lockable, self-contained, home-growing modules available that would negate most of those problems. “It’s like a big fridge where you just open the door and there are your four plants, it’s all contained, enclosed and sealed,” he said. “Technology is transforming home cultivation,” added McLellan. “It’s not four mouldy plants in your basement.”

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Banning home-grown pot would be paternalistic, unenforceable: task force chair
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