The whole fungus: pills, not.

​”COMPASS appears to have lost their moral one. CAPITALIST would be a more fitting monicker.” -An ECfES Board Member​

Regonizing that, it’s synthetic, single Ingredient, psilocybin pills. Compass Pathways is not giving mushrooms to depressed patients. Mushrooms contain many different molecules.  Psilocybin [ingested, converts to psilocin]… the active chemical that is responsible for much of –but not all of–the psychoactivity in magic mushrooms.

Appearing as, it’s a synthetic & controlled supply chain. Controlling ; conformity. Starting with 4-hydroxy-L-tryptophan and using three of the four fungal enzymes, the scientists were able to enzymatically synthesize psilocybin by a simple method in a combined reaction.

Anthropologically, from a social science perspective, and with an ethical perspective,  is it an anthropological anomaly? A for-profit scientific experiment of an isolated molecule on live humans…magic mushrooms contain multiple active ingredients…. However, to date, psilocybin research has [been] — myopically focusing on one single ingredient (psilocybin) rather than appreciating the synergistic combinations made by the mushrooms. 

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Magic mushrooms… entourage effect
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