Do psychedelics offer a path to the “god within”?

I mean, a lot of people take psychedelics and see some pretty colors and giggle or get a little paranoid, and that’s not what we’re talking about.

And it’s important to make clear that even the word “entheogen”– all psychedelic experiences are not entheogenic experiences. If “entheogen” means a sacred experience of spiritual or religious meaning, only certain experiences approached the right way with the right dosage, etc, are likely to be of that profundity. Consistent with other studies, he discusses the benefits of entheogenic treatment for a host of ailments, including addiction, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and psychosomatic symptoms associated with illness and trauma. The benefits, moreover, aren’t just physical (in the sense that taking a few ibuprofen reliably relieves aches and pains) but psychological.

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Do psychedelics offer a path to the “god within”?
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