Psychedelics touted as solution for society

“A psychedelic renaissance is underway as researchers and society learn of its benefits in health, healing and creativity in art, music, philosophy and a greater understanding of how to solve society’s problems,” says Ball. “We’re not talking about back-alley druggies and Grateful Dead concerts here. These are important members of our society.”

“The psychedelic movement is rising to prominence and if humanity is to survive, we need to heal the culture,” said Sheri Eckert. “It’s bottoming out and forcing us to look at ourselves. We have to evolve and claim our higher consciousness or else. Psilocybin helps us reclaim our truth.” The plant offers relief for depression, end-of-life anxiety, addiction and PTSD, the Eckerts said. …conference organizer Martin Ball, an SOU adjunct faculty member, said mind-altering substances such as psilocybin mushrooms have been a positive part of culture since the beginning of history. But the federal government’s War on Drugs over the last 50 years demonized the non-addictive “entheogens” (literally: generating god within) and pushed the movement to the periphery of society.

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Psychedelics touted as solution for society
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