A productive person’s guide to a little bit of LSD

“She fought less with her husband and reveled in the joy her children provided. She wasn’t as irritable and, perhaps most crucially, vastly more efficient: Even on days she felt cranky, she was “weirdly productive,” she jots down in her log. Most of her time was spent on this book. “Found myself so effortlessly in the flow that I didn’t even notice time passing,” she writes. “I see why people microdose as an alternative to Adderall.”

Waldman’s problems, including mood swings and anxiety, were relatively ordinary. But she worried that, as she headed into menopause, the hairline cracks in her emotional health threatened to disrupt her marriage and livelihood…Waldman insists her experiment was never about connecting to a higher power or undergoing a spiritual awakening. But she certainly has motivations beyond self-tinkering: She uses her experience as a neurotic, middle-aged mother of four to normalize drug use that would otherwise be stigmatized and to argue that substances such as LSD should be decriminalized and reframed in our culture. The delight of this book is good proof that she’s right.

Original Article (Bloomberg):
A productive person’s guide to a little bit of LSD
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