Sincerity, ‘religiosity’ challenged In ongoing Cannabis Church lawsuit

“People from organized religions were persecuting me for my belief in cannabis as sacrament. Demanding their secular members invade temples where believers obtain sacrament and learn the ways of peace, these persecutors relentlessly attacked with words of hatred and violence.” — from the sixth of “The Nine Epiphanies. LINK

Thomas Fisher, representing the state, says the case is about being able to consume an illegal drug, not exercising religious freedom. And he says the group does not meet the criteria of a religion.

Mark Small, representing Levin, says the church has been meeting weekly for three years, and says marijuana is central to their belief system. “Their belief, if it’s legitimate, and they believe it and they’re sincere about it, it’s not the government’s position to be able to say ‘No, that’s not a religion,’” Small says. In 2015 then-governor Mike Pence signed into law the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, known as RFRA … Bill Levin founded the First Church of Cannabis, arguing that the bill’s added protections effectively legalizing the use of marijuana as a religious sacrament. The state disagreed, and Levin sued.

Original Articles (Indian Public Radio):
Sincerity, ‘Religiosity’ Challenged In Ongoing Cannabis Church Lawsuit & Sacred Sanctuary
Artwork Fair Use: ECfES.org Spring 2017 Newsletter


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