Legal challenge launched to legalise ‘magic’ mushrooms

Vandenberg’s submission mirrored Cromhout’s contention that the criminalisation of psychedelic mushrooms was absurd, as there existed no evidence that it was harmful or addictive; it punished offenders for a victimless offence; and it disregarded documented beneficial effect in combating mental disorders like depression and anxiety.

Vandenberg said in court papers she intended challenging the constitutionality of the Illegal Substances Act. She believed the enjoyment and cultivation of magic mushrooms should not be a crime. However, she was advised that Cromhout had already launched such an application. Cromhout, in turn, maintained that the prohibition owed its existence to “outdated and unfounded convictions on the harmfulness and dependence-producing effects of psilocybin, motivated by power-seeking governments of the world with questionable political agendas”. She insisted the prohibition stemmed from “totalitarian paternalism”.”

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Legal challenge launched to legalise ‘magic’ mushrooms
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