The couples using magic mushrooms as relationship therapy

“The clarity we have the next day means we can make plans to implement changes and solve issues.”

“[We] always set an intention, and our intention for the first trip was to ‘trust’ the medicine and what it can show you,” she continues. “At first, I felt these warm flushes all around my body and became hyper-aware of the limbs and the hairs on my body, as well as the textures and ambience around me. This shared energy and connection created a bubble for us to see everything about each other and we just laughed and laughed like children. After their first trip, [they] decided to have magic mushroom sessions on a regular basis. “We don’t talk for a few hours of the trip and focus on introspection, but afterwards we always have a long, elated but emotional conversation, sharing the journey we’ve just been on,” says Fern. “We’ll have this incredible deep chat that we didn’t even know we wanted to have, then have the best sleep.

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The couples using magic mushrooms as relationship therapy
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