The micro-dose vs. the mystical experience: has LSD turned its back on the psychedelic revolution?

“The generation gap of the 1960s no longer exists. There are millions of grandparents today who have experimented with LSD. This would have been inconceivable 50 years ago.”

In other words, microdosing is not about dropping out and bringing down the system. To the contrary, it’s about being happy within the system and helping it to prosper. It sounds more like a really good coffee than a cultural revolution. So what would the flower-power hippies of the 1960s think of this new use? Has LSD sold out? Has it finally been domesticated and put to work by ‘the Man’ it was supposed to overthrow? Is the microdose the final, ignominious nail in the coffin of the psychedelic revolution? In reality, the question of LSD’s ultimate function has always been up for debate.

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The Micro-Dose vs. The Mystical Experience: Has LSD Turned its Back on the Psychedelic Revolution?
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