The other… crisis: pain patients who can’t access the medicine we need

As a former nurse, I never dreamed that our government would encroach to this degree on the relationship patients have with their medical providers.

*while opiates are being restricted to patients in pain, the reportedly relatively benign and effective pain reliever Kratom is already supporting millions of Americans in pain, safely, and effectively. Will the FDA and DEA respect the rights of American citizens or force them into further suffering?

I would love to return to working as a nurse, though I can’t imagine doing it now. I used to work for a hospice service. I don’t want to tell a patient writhing in pain at 4 a.m. that he will have to find a way to cope because prescribing policy changes now affect patients with cancer and those who’ve just had surgery. My opioid crisis is wondering whether each time I fill my medications will be the last time. I wonder how much longer I’ll be able to do the things I enjoy. I’m 38 years old. There’s so much that I want to do with my life. I want to go back to work part time, but I’m afraid to, because my future is so uncertain. I feel like I’m on death row. There are multiple opioid crises in America. The crisis of people in the throes of addiction deserves the time, attention and talents of health-care providers and legislators. But the crisis of people in pain deserves the same.

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The other opioid crisis: pain patients who can’t access the medicine we need
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