Psychedelic decriminalization bids gain momentum in cities nationwide

“There is a lot of tension right now between the city and the unhoused community,” said Alex Williams, an organizer on the Berkeley campaign. “And obviously there are many people struggling with debilitating mental illnesses, and so the incredible power of these sacred medicines to expand consciousness and empathy can be very powerful in bridging certain cultural divides and helping us all come together as one community.”

The Berkeley City Council Public Safety Committee voted unanimously on July 17, 2019 to advance a resolution decriminalizing entheogenic (psychoactive) plants. The resolution—which will now go before a public health committee before a potential full-council vote—would decriminalize all naturally-occurring entheogenic plants or fungi and their extracts that are listed under Schedule I of the federal Controlled Substances Act. It would stop the city from using any funds or resources to enforce criminal penalties against over-21s who grow, possess or use these substances.

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Psychedelic decriminalization bids gain momentum in cities nationwide
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