‘A grand experiment’: psilocybin mushrooms… Denver

Education was key. A lot of people who were opposed changed their minds when we were able to talk face to face and explain that there’s a lot of potential benefits here. It had people at the very least, if they were opposed, get on the fence and do their own research.

On the night of the vote in Denver, “psychonauts” like Matthews felt like they were experiencing a bad trip. The initiative trailed by several percentage points and it wasn’t until the following afternoon (at exactly 4:20pm) that election results were made official. The late ballots tipped the scale in Initiative 301’s favor by 2,291 votes. Upon hearing the news, Matthews screamed so joyously loud his neighbors’ dogs barked…

Original Article (The Guardian):
‘A grand experiment’: how ‘shrooms made Denver America’s most drug-friendly city
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