Eating mushrooms isn’t [just] like smoking a joint

“Under legalization, you would have big companies not just making mushrooms available but aggressively marketing them to people, as we’re seeing with cannabis,” said Michael Pollan.

Under decriminalization, Oakland police will now put enforcement down among its lowest priorities (which means it won’t be a priority at all), and the city is forbidden from prosecuting people for possessing or using entheogenic substances. Commercial sales are still not allowed, nor is possession on school property. And people caught driving under the influence of mushrooms can still be prosecuted … Carlos Plazola, the chairman of Decriminalize Nature Oakland, one of the main advocates for Oakland’s decriminalization effort, is outright against the recreational use of entheogenic substances. “These are healing tools, they’re not for partying.” Now that decriminalization is happening, the task of education begins, and part of that has to be letting people know of the risks, as well as the potential rewards.

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Eating mushrooms isn’t like smoking a joint
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