Phillipine Clergy reports death threats as President Duterte rails…

…drug war killings are [a] moral issue of the day in the Phillipines.

Alejo says the tough-on-crime approach swept Duterte to the presidency in 2016, when he scaled up the drug war, going after small-time peddlers and users of narcotics, mainly meth or shabu as it is popularly known in the Philippines. “Mostly very poor guys, in rubber slippers, riding in tricycles. It’s really very painful,” Alejo says of the fatal victims. Arturo Lascañas, a police officer from Davao City, put a face to a gruesome rumor that had long swirled: He testified to the Philippine Senate in 2017 that he had led a death squad under then-Mayor Duterte and that he personally killed 200 people. “All the killings that we committed in Davao City, whether they were buried or thrown in the sea, were paid for by Mayor Duterte,” Lascañas said at the time.

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Phillipine Clergy reports death threats as President Duterte rails against Church
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