What decriminalizing [psilocybin mushrooms] actually means

The win also maybe, possibly, clears the way for people to grow shrooms without concern for legal repercussions, but only for their own personal use…

“One of the more innovative aspects of… [Initiative 301] is at the point where the supply equals the demand. [When] the consumer is also the producer—that form of production here is also decriminalized,” said Noah Potter, a lawyer who helped craft the ballot measure’s language. But if that’s true, it’s unclear just how much you could grow without attracting the attention of police. “We left it initially vague on purpose,” the campaign manager, Kevin Matthews, said. “We didn’t include limits, specifically on cultivation, because it’s extremely difficult to measure that from a law enforcement perspective.” … Denver cops were playing wait and see when it came to their own next move. “The Denver Police Department is working closely with the Denver City Attorney’s Office for assistance with the interpretation of the new law,” they wrote in a statement. “Their feedback will help determine what training will be needed for our officers moving forward.”

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Everyone Is Really Confused About What Decriminalizing Shrooms Actually Means
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