Will Oakland lead the psychedelic revolution?

Movements don’t happen in places where people are comfortable with the way things are happening around them. Movements do happen in Oakland, where people aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo.

That’s been the case time and again, including Oakland’s treatment of marijuana, as it was one of the first places to decriminalize it long before legalization swept over larger swaths of America. And once recreational use arrived, it became the first city to put an equity program in place that prioritized permits and support for people of color who had previously been arrested for selling weed in the illegal market. While the plants and fungi remain illegal at the state and federal level, the movement may be spreading. Decriminalize Nature Oakland has partnered with local agencies, such as Oakland City Council’s Public Safety Committee, to create an infrastructure that can inspire other cities to follow suit.Nationally, activists are working on the ground in 30 states, and some have already drafted resolutions with their city councils. Another thing that might happen in Oakland is the creation of legal safe places at which [decriminalized plant-based] psychedelic medicine can be administered.

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Will Oakland lead the psychedelic revolution?
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