Psychedelics are making… [themselves known]

Hopefully, we’re not headed for a refried version of legal weed where venture capitalists with listings on world stock exchanges are hell-bent on turning substances that could be the key to personal growth, into a commodity.

There are efforts afoot to relax laws around psilocybin [mushroom] use. And a number of court challenges seeking the use of psychedelics for medical purposes. A grey market in psilocybin [mushrooms]… thrive[s] online. More… are microdosing. But as with the first steps towards legal weed, the federal government seems intent on looking the other way—or leaving it up to the courts to decide. The federal health minister, for example, has the power to grant exemptions for the use of psychedelics in studies and has done so. But the government continues to refuse to grant exemptions for the use of psychedelics on compassionate grounds for individuals facing end-of-life illness … The revival in psychedelics,” Vervaeke says, “is part of a larger set of issues that are happening in response to a crisis of meaning in society at large. There are all kinds of symptoms of this [crisis of meaning], [such as homelessness, wealth inequality, systemic injustices]- from the crisis in addiction to depression to increases in loneliness, suicide and the retreat of people into virtual worlds.” Psychedelics, says Vervaeke, “help block out the noise. Our relevance filter is not always tracking the truth properly.”

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Psychedelics are making a wild comeback—let’s not eff it up
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