Keeping kratom legal

We ask the DEA to Follow the Science to protect access to [whole-plant botanical] kratom by those Americans who exercise their freedoms to safely use kratom as a part of their personal health and well-being regimen. The claims of deaths “associated with the use of kratom” made by the FDA have been discredited and now requires a complete reanalysis of actual risks that may exist for the use of kratom.

The DEA [should not] allow the FDA to recommend scheduling of the natural plant kratom with shoddy evidence that demonstrates only that kratom products are potentially harmful when they are contaminated or adulterated with other dangerous substances, or the active alkaloids in kratom are concentrated or refined to dangerous levels. The FDA’s claims that kratom use is a gateway to the use of opioids, or the contributor for addiction to opioids, has no credible science to support that claim.  In fact, the science and survey data on kratom use by those who use kratom as a safe alternative pain management option directly contradicts the FDA’s claims. The FDA should be required to provide real evidence, not opinion, speculation, or unsupported guesses.  [The entourage effect of Kratom suggests demonizing the whole plant material is akin to prohibiting the use of whole plant cannabis.  … “There is no reason for DEA [or FDA] to schedule Kratom, and it would be criminal to leave millions of Kratom users, and opiate-dependent populations, with no alternatives to pain and suffering, other than a return to increased use of prescription opioids or resorting to illegal purchase on the black market. -Jane Babin, Ph.D., Esq. University of San Diego School of Law, J.D. Purdue University, Ph.D., Molecular Biology

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Keep[ing] kratom legal
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