DEA ‘waiting for analysis’: Kratom may [or may not] be banned

As executive director of the People’s Harm Reduction Alliance in Seattle, Shilo Jama said he’s seen people successfully treat their opioid addictions using kratom … Kenneth Thummel PhD. would like it to be carefully studied, which he admits would be more difficult if it is designated a Schedule I drug [through the combined efforts of the FDA and DEA].

“I’m not against kratom in any way,” Jama said. “Kratom has shown to be successful, and for the people who use it for treatment, I think it’s great they found an easy solution that they don’t have to go through a doctor” to utilize. Jama said kratom is a valuable option for addicts who live in areas where treatment options are not widely available. He believes, however, that the strength and dosages of kratom should be regulated. “I am for regulations. I’m not for limiting people’s access to a potential treatment option” he said.

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DEA ‘waiting for analysis’: Kratom may soon be banned
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