Seminole council… on kratom sales

While neither kava nor kratom have been clinically tested or approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, they’ve been consumed for centuries by the cultures that discovered them — and they’re rapidly gaining popularity in the Tampa Bay area. Both are offered in dozens of bars, tobacco and electronic-cigarette shops and lounges throughout Pinellas County, including several locations in Seminole.

In a rare move, City Council members reversed themselves on a unanimous vote to ban the sale of kava and kratom within city limits, agreeing — once again unanimously — not to bring the ordinance to a second reading … Council member Roger Edelman attributed the about-face to the fact that his colleagues “did some homework” on the substances after first reading. “My view changed substantially,” Edelman said. “I didn’t find any doctors who said they thought either kava or kratom should be banned.” Council member Jim Quinn said an influx of emails from kava and kratom proponents from as far away as Hawaii caused him to change his mind, adding “it doesn’t make any sense to eliminate these items if they’re helping people.”
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Seminole council does full flip-flop on kratom sales
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