The House just passed a bill that could make kratom illegal

The SITSA Act, which has not yet been approved by the Senate, would expand the Controlled Substances Act to include one additional category of drugs: Schedule A. [The SITSA Act] which is intended to help fight the growing opioid epidemic in the US. Unfortunately [and unnecessarily], it could also have the side effect of giving the Department of Justice broad authority to make kratom [and many other plants] illegal.

Under the SITSA Act, the Justice Department could quickly place any analogues of existing drugs into Schedule A. An analogue is any drug that has a similar chemical structure and an “actual or predicted” effect that’s similar to a drug that’s already scheduled. That’s what worries advocates of kratom, an herbal drug that is not currently illegal but has [a-typical] opioid properties. HERE

1) Additionally, while Oregonians (We the People) work hard to legalize access to psilocybin services here in Oregon. HERE & HERE

2) Big Pharma has raised 20 million dollars to conduct phase three clinical trials of psilocybin (not the mushroom, but a synthetic chemical version] for depression in the United Kingdom. HERE & HERE

The United Kingdom that…

3) Has passed the Psychoactive Substances Bill of 2016, outlawing nearly every plant [from potent to mild], giving total control of all potent plant properties to the Government and Pharmaceutical Corporations. 

4) Has repeatedly seized the epilepsy medication (cannabis) of a small child, causing intense suffering.  HERE

Will the SITSA Act, if passed by the US Senate, simply give monopoly control over all potent plant life to Government and Pharmaceutical Corporations?  Will SITSA be simply be a precursor to a US Version of the UK Psychoactive Substances Bill of 2016?

5) Remember that as recently as the mid 1990’s Jeff Sessions wanted to EXECUTE marijuana “dealers”. HERE

6) He also approved the Monsanto/Bayer merger, consolidating major chemical/pharmaceutical dealers.HERE & HERE

7) And Jeff Sessions will continue cannabis plant prohibition while the DEA approves a liver-damaging version of THC,  alongside the FDA.HERE

8) He awarded exclusive rights to synthetic THC to the same corporation who allegedly, and purposely, bribed doctors into over-prescribing fentanyl, causing thousands of deaths and creating an entire new demographic of “chemically dependent” individuals. HERE & HERE

Afterall, who now owns a patent on synthetic Kratom (Kratom itself is an ethnobotanical plant), that Pharmaceutical Corporations seem eager, once again, to monopolize?

9)  Surprised?  

10) ECfES Asks, Again : Profits over Plants and People?HERE

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The House Just Passed a Bill That Could Make Kratom Illegal
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