Big pharma [&] FDA to create kratom hysteria

What about the drugs that are out there that the FDA has known about for 20 years and they refuse to do anything? They’re killing thousands of people. 170 people will die today. 170 people will die today because of the inaction and the FDA being asleep at the wheel again. Intentionally being asleep at the wheel, by the way.

I can promise you when all the smoke clears on this Kratom hysteria, we will see that the drug industry are the people who are pushing the FDA to do this … FDA will never do anything that crosses big pharma, and that’s what we’re seeing right here. If FDA really wants to do their job, like they should have done 15 years ago, they would have been involved in getting involved in the opioid crisis, having better warnings, warning doctors about what could happen, helping to close down pill mills. The FDA is wholly owned by the industry. And I’m telling you, I can say that. I’ve worked against them for 35 years. I’ve handled virtually every major pharmaceutical case in this country that’s gone to trial. And every time, we see the FDA lining up with big pharma. My call on this one is, that’s what they’re doing with Kratom. They’ve gotten a phone call saying, “We’ve got to do something about Kratom. It’s interfering with the drugs that we’re putting on the market.”

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Big Pharma Forces FDA To Create Kratom Hysteria
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