We are on the right side of history

Q: How do you see the chances of drug policy reform in the global scale? Should we expect slow gradual changes or are we heading to revolutionary paradigm shift?

A: Change is happening, there is no question. The speed is glacial at times: the UN sands shift slowly, and progress is continuously stifled by the reliance on consensus-based decision making. But progress is being made nonetheless – the debates and rhetoric at the UN on drugs now is a world apart from a decade ago, as is the strength and acceptance of civil society participation. But the UN does not to “revolution”, it does slow “evolution”. Looking at it pragmatically, the revolution will happen at the national and local level – governments making brave decisions to better serve and protect their citizens. In some cases, as in the USA, Uruguay, Bolivia and Canada, this might be for one drug, in others, such as Portugal and the Czech Republic, this might be for all of them. But it is at this level that real change will happen, and then the global policy framework will follow – it will be left in a situation where it either needs to adapt and evolve, or wither and die.

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We Are On The Right Side Of History” – An Interview With Jamie Bridge
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