‘America’s war on drugs’: Inside new mini-series exposing hypocrisy of U.S. drug policy

“America is more addicted to drug money than they are addicted to drugs.” -former DEA agent named Celerino Castillo

“We have a [current] administration … promising to bring back the War on Drugs’ most draconian policies, including mandatory sentencing laws,” Lappé says. “Policies that most experts on all ends of the spectrum agree do little to stop people from consuming drugs and end up doing uncalculable harm to communities for generations.” “It’s not a left or right thing. This crosses administrations and ideologies,” Lappé says. “Here we are, with the War on Drugs making a stealth comeback and few Americans knowing the real story of its origins, or truly understanding why it has never worked,” Lappé says. “It’s never been a more timely topic because if they did, they would be shocked.”

Original Article (Rolling Stone):
‘America’s War on Drugs’: Inside New Miniseries Exposing Hypocrisy of U.S. Drug Policy
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