$800 million wine, beer… tax

Oregon Flower : Small-flowered Lupine

The governor said that [at this time] increasing taxes on beer, wine and cider faces… many political hurdles.  Lawmakers will take up the governor’s budget after their session begins in January [2019].​

“I know the beer and wine tax hasn’t been increased in 30-plus years,” Brown said during a conference call with reporters… “It’s a tough fight at the Legislature…” … “The price of alcohol in Oregon is too low,” the Oregon Health Authority document [a 2019-2021 2,050-page document draft budget] states. “Cheap alcohol fuels excessive drinking and related harms.” Raising the tax on alcohol would for 2019-21, bring in an additional $491 million, the budget document says, “which would generate additional funding for treatment services, cities, counties and Oregon’s General Fund.”  

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 Oregon Health Authority seeks tax increase on alcohol, cigarettes and here
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