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*this essentially applies to psilocybin mushrooms, as well.

In other words, all compassionate, sane, honest Americans should call cannabis prohibition and false classification and official lies and treasonous offenses what they are, acts of criminal fraud, state condoned terrorism, treason and hideous injustice. We should also be calling on every Attorney General and the Joint Chiefs of Staff (of the US Armed Forces) to uphold the rule of real law, and the Constitution and, if they refuse, then the ACLU should file class-action suits against the perpetrators, in US Federal Court, the World Court and the International Criminal Court.

Clearly the only reason [this false classification continues] is the pervasive ignorance of US law and the ongoing mass bamboozlement that perpetuates the massive conspiracy to defraud the people of the USA and anyone else who thinks it’s OK for our public officials to get away with heainous high crimes and misdemeanors, disguised “under the color of law.” That phrase, “under the color of law” is a too little known legal term for official fraud using unjust and/or invalid statutes to commit crimes against US citizens, against the courts and/or against the Constitution. The 16th Volume of American Jurisprudence, the most basic decisions forming the foundation of Constitutional law, statutes, bills and acts masking ​criminal fraud and conspiracy committed ​under the color of law “are as null and void as if they had never existed.” The authors go on to point out that, hence ‘”no one can be required to seek a decision of the court to justify refusal to obey”‘ any such fake laws. Without that logical principle of justice and valid jurisprudence, we would still have slavery and many other atrocious abuses of law and government. Now though, we have the ACLU and virtually all the victims perpetuating the outrageously fraudulent, monstrously harmful and purely criminal prohibition of cannabis [and other plants and fungi]– an ongoing act of one of the biggest, most pervasive conspiracies to commit massive felony fraud upon the the people, the courts and against our Constitutional rule of law. It has falsely justified a virtual police state, perverted our legal system, our government, falsely justified pervasive ignorance, normalized false arrest, false imprisonment, illegal seizure & forteiture and enforced misplaced obediance on the part of countless millions of victims, us. The time for [tip-toeing], denial, and ineffective half-measures never existed. The definition of treason here in the USA is “high crimes and misdeamors” committed against the people and/or our national Constitution. It is now time to support “the law of the land” (our Constitution) and justice, bringing the guilty to trial and punishment for their high crimes and misdemeanors or, at the very least, to let them know that they are under threat of arrest, trial and punishment for the most serious crime in the USA, treason. Who are the guilty? Any employee of the DEA, the FBI, the DOJ and Administration in general, Congress, the courts, prosecutors, lawyers, State governments, counties, cities and towns, and their police agencies that​ cooperate with, enforce and/or perpetuate the massive conspiracy to prohibit cannabis and uphold all related fake laws based on treasonous criminal fraud. What are the punishments for capital treason? 1) Death 2) Banishment and, by default, 3) Forfeiture of assets for restitution. That will accelerate and expedite the best resolution of the ongoing travesty, atrocity and perversion of American culture, government and law. Failure to do so will only enable and encourage more perversion and damage. Show all those… lawyers, prosecutors, judges and legislators that you are not more ignorant than they are, or they will keep fleecing you.

Original Article (Michael Monterey):
Attn Team
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*Disclaimer : Michael Monterey’s political views are independent and his own, and not those of ECfES.org ECfES.org does not advocate any form of violence, but a social equity, harm-reduction, direct human/ethnobotanical and fungi relationships, and a healthy integration models.


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