Brain scientists meet to share data on magic mushrooms…

About 500 brain experts from 29 countries are attending the group’s annual meeting, CNS 2018 (27th Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting), which has been jointly organized by the Allen Institute for Brain Science and the University of Washington.

[An] experiment took advantage of functional MRI brain scans to document how psilocybin changed brain activity. The psychedelic drug reduced the activity of brain circuits that specialize in directing intentional resources toward a specific task, Lord said. Meanwhile, circuits that facilitate synchronization of different brain regions became more active … The fMRI analysis suggests that the dose of psilocybin may have provided “a bit of a reset” for a depressed person… Lord emphasized that the patients in such studies are closely monitored for the signs of negative effects from a psychedelic episode. He knew of only one patient who experienced “a really bad trip,” and that patient quickly got the help that was needed. “There’s a certain kind of stigma with these studies,” Lord acknowledged. “But that’s changing.”

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Brain scientists meet to share data on magic mushrooms and other matters
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