Outdoor-grown weed is not only better for the environment…

The state wasn’t going to allow outdoor farming until… people successfully convinced the regulators to allow sun-grown weed. It’s also the more environmentally friendly choice. Outdoor farming will always use less energy. Indoor farmers need a lot of power to run their lights and fans.

Just like the grape vines for winemaking, pot plants absorb their surroundings to produce flavors and characteristics that are unique to the season and the soil. Would you rather your buds were imbued with the August sun [outside] or the warehouse lights of an industrial park…? A study by scientist Evan Mills, published in the Journal of Energy Policy in 2011, put that number at 1 percent of the nation’s total energy supply, equal to the power consumption of two million average homes and valued at $5 billion a year. This would be like having three million additional cars on the road, belching out carbon dioxide and warming our planet. It means that every joint you smoke requires the same amount of energy to produce as leaving a 100-watt light bulb on for 17 hours, or driving a 44-mile-per-gallon vehicle for 15 miles.

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Outdoor-Grown Weed Is Not Only Better for the Environment & Big Grow Debate
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