Healing the empire and elevating the underground : a conversation with Rick Doblin

I liken their view [of some] to a kind of “cultural bypass” in the vein of spiritual bypass- a yearning for instant easy enlightenment or overnight sociopolitical revolution without any of the hard work, practical concerns, or steady incremental effort it takes to fully integrate and embody a new perspective. – Wesley Thoricatha

Yes, and I’ve thought that way myself before. I was like, I’m just going to take loads of psychedelics, and the more drugs I take the faster I’ll evolve! That was my approach in college. Unfortunately it didn’t work! … I think the big issue is that the underground should be moving above ground- that’s what it’s all about. First through medicine and religion, and then eventually through a post-prohibition world. … People could have a licensed legalization context where they go to a psychedelic clinic, they take a certain psychedelic under supervision, they understand what it is, they don’t have a psychotic break, there are certain minimum safety requirements, and then people can get a license. With a license they can buy it on their own and do it on their own, at home, with friends, at parties, who knows where. Not just recreational, but personal-therapeutic, personal-spiritual, personal-celebratory, and group rituals, so that the only access to these drugs isn’t just through doctors and medicine, or through religion. It should be a broader post-prohibition world. -Rick Doblin

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Healing the empire and elevating the underground : a conversation with Rick Doblin
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